Welcome to NewGov!

Welcome to NewGov!

4 years ago

We're happy that you've joined us. Our platform is built for you, your neighbors, and your representatives to communicate more efficiently. 

With your NewGov.US membership, you can:

  • Create your Member page which will always be yours to own. 
  • Join as many groups as you want. 
  • Comment and Rate any Post that other members make. 
  • Connect with influencers, family, and friends.

We have a subscription service as well. That Pro level is called "SuperVoter". If you decide to subscribe to this service, you can:

  • Verify your 7 jurisdictions from city council district all the way to Washington D.C. 
  • Write a Post in any public group across the site
  • Start your own group for your community or issue

Additionally, we're developing many more ways that empower you and your represenatives to make your community a better place to live.