What's NewGov?

NewGov.US gives us every resource we might use in the "real" world to:

  1.     1.  Influence politics.
  2.     2.  Get elected.
  3.     3.  Stay in office.
  4.     4.  Work for a politician.

All those tools, and more, are now online; made easier, faster and without the need to interact with the people who think politics is already perfect. (If you think politics is already perfect, please keep moving along, there's nothing to see here.)

If you like the idea of 21st century politics and, better yet, 21st century government, this NewGov's for you.

How's it work?

You've been able to buy a book with a single click since 1996. In the 21st century, shouldn't you be able to "buy in" to an issue or a candidate the same way? Makes sense to us too.

No More Invisible Voters!

You're an invisible voter. You work hard, pay your bills and vote in most elections but, unless you contribute thousands of dollars to politicians, they don't know you, don't know they represent you and don't hear what you want. A representative can't represent everybody, everywhere, just her known constituents.

NewGov makes you visible by proving to your politicians that you really are their voter, never revealing your name or address and without attending a single meeting. Then NewGov shows the world the 6 political jurisdictions where you have political power, your:

  1.     1.  State (2 Senators)
  2.     2.  Congressional District (1 Representative)
  3.     3.  State Senate District (1 State Senator)
  4.     4.  State House District (1 State Representative)
  5.     5.  Your County
  6.     6.  Your City

After that, every opinion you express is published to the 6 sections of your Power Zone's archive and if you like, to your Facebook and Twitter streams. So your politician can't pretend he doesn't hear your single voice, enroll just 3 neighbors in your Power Zone and repeat the power cycle.

In all, NewGov.US provides a dedicated map and a complete social network for every one of 51,231 US jurisdictions:

        50 States
      435 Congressional Districts
   2,030 State Senate (Upper) Districts
   4,842 State House (Lower) Districts
   3,138 Counties
 29,267 Cities
      554 City council districts (wards) in 37 major cities
 10,915 Unified school districts

Who are you people?

We're the NewGov Foundation, a non-profit based in Iowa, but with team members in New York, Washington, Chicago, Iowa City, Provo, Denver and Sacramento. Our partners are in Boston, New Haven, Breckenridge, Longmont, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco and Redlands.