Extremes cause division

Extremes cause division

10 years ago
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The division in our country is a result of the extremes in the political parties. The left says they are the party of the people and want to help everyone succeed, but only if you agree with them. The right extreme wants smaller government and is willing to harm people to make a point. Only when both sides come back toward the middle will there be progress.

Both sides can have what they want, if they stop wanting to force their ideals on everyone. It is like a scale. The farther one side goes to their extreme, the farther the other side has to go to try and balance the scale. Example: Obamacare and huge deficits are far left events which brought about the Tea Party and their far right agenda. Keeping things toward the middle does not mean anyone has to give up their ideals, but only by working together in the middle will we be able to build a country that can flourish again. Extremism either way will make us weaker. The proof is how we are now. We are clearly weaker as a country economically and internationally after going left. It's time to come together and strengthen the country.

  1. ankitkapasi Super Voter Flag
    10 years 2 months

    I don't see the left tilt that @anthoyj143 does

    I think you are paying too close attention to the "Example" and not paying attention to the overall message which if I read it correctly, is that we need to move away from extreme ideologies. @chief - I recommend using something a little less polarizing like education for your examples. I'll be starting a group soon to get the community to review my ideas. NewGov could be an awesome place to get us middlers in the mix.
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    10 years 5 months

    I don't agree completely with

    I don't agree completely with your political ideals, Chief. To say that the Affordable Care Act is even close to being Far-Left is wrong. Far-Left would be Single Payer Health Care. What Obama breathed down your throat was a Moderate Republican idea from Mitt Romney. What we need are new parties that can take it to the Democrats and Republicans. Dave Loebsack hasn't been on the bully pulpit enough for me to vote for him anymore and the Republicans that run against him are rubbish. I am hoping that good Independent, Libertarian, or Green run this year. Plus, I think you fail to see how we are starting to lean closer to the Left. Perhaps we are still a Right-of-Center country, but we are slowly working ourselves away from that. Eventually all the hatred of minorities and different religions will subside. Eventually we will be so far Left-of-Center that even being where we are now will be considered Right-Wing. In Closing I think that your mind is somewhat in the right place. However, your bashing of the Left as though helping people is some sort of smoke and mirrors show is horrible. We don't need to band together if it means that we would muddy the waters. Perhaps it is time for a change, perhaps it is time to think up and over the Democrats and Republicans.