About Chris Matthews

About Chris Matthews

10 years ago
brittb Super Voter Flag

Chris Matthews loves to break news on-air. Here’s the news I hope he will break soon:

“I’ve just learned that a nonprofit web site, NewGov.US, the necessary and sufficient precondition for grown-ups to kill off sound-bite politics. Sound-bite politics is the pee-brained dialogue we’re stuck in now and we desperately need grown-up conversations about grown-up policies, deliberated among grown-ups. How? By matching certified constituents with their representatives online, at the federal, state, city and county levels, everywhere in the US. This is a huge undertaking and a big deal. Never before has there been a way for politicians to know they’re communicating directly with constituents without meeting them in person. And never before has there been a way for constituents to conveniently prove constituency, without exposing their real name and address, and yet show how informed and concerned they are.

“We all know that politicians care first about their constituents and everything else is secondary. That’s why they’ll drive for an hour in a snowstorm to meet a dozen constituents two days before election. It’s not so easy for their constituents either. But online, in about a minute at NewGov.US, any American can prove what State, Congressional district, State Senate district, State House district, City and County they live in. And they’re immediately made members of 6 dedicated social networks, one for each of those jurisdictions. There they can collaborate with their neighbors and show their politicians what they really care about. I guarantee you it’s not what their politicians are talking about. We’ll have more on NewGov soon, because it’s new and it matters.”