Coach your Representatives

Who's in charge of your Congressional District? Your congressman. Why? A member of Congress is the quarterback for the team of staff members that represent their district's voters. But quarterbacks are never in charge of the team – the coaching staff is – and that's how it should be in politics. We voters should be coaching our lawmakers and their teams of staffers because we have so much more real-world expertise than lawmakers. Now, thanks to NewGov, we can get together and decide what we want and build our political power online.

Policy for WE the People, By WE the People

NewGov.US gives us We The People every resource that insiders use to:

  1.        1. Influence policy.
  2.        2. Get and stay elected
  3.        3. Start a career in politics.

All those tools, and more, are now online; made easier, faster and without the need to interact with the people who think politics is already perfect.                          (If you think politics is already perfect, please keep moving along, there's nothing to see here.)

If you like the idea of 21st century politics and, better yet, 21st century government, this NewGov's for you.