The Lakeside Commons "TLC"

The Lakeside Commons project is based on Lake Chapala Expatriates’ strong ties to so many political jurisdictions back home.
Here’s our expensive, sophisticated graphic,

Screenshot 2018-08-26 14.19.07
“11 American countries” & 241 college areas = highly granular election data.

Miguel Serrano and his colleagues have started to organize and document the NewGov Foundation’s sizable portfolio of code, maps and other jurisdiction data, trademarks, social media methods, etc. They will be the steering committee and project managers going forward, not just token members. It will be their kickstarter, not ours, because we expats will be their clients, not bosses.

When we finish our GEOvoter Trello board, we’ll translate priorities into a functional specification to be developed by the amazing Lepe brothers’ WizeLine. Good news! it will be far shorter than the 2006 spec for the NewGov.US content management system that preceded GEOvoter 1.0.

Elevator pitch

Services from and our GEOvoter API can give expats a powerful Verified Constituent™ designation: 

  1. 1️⃣ Instant, visible influence on a specific issue based on constituent power over a specific Congressional committee.
  2. 2️⃣ Tools to help their neighbors back home to also become Verified Constituents™.
  3. 3️⃣ The best outsourcing team in the western hemisphere, 75 minutes away.2

It’s important for retirees to feel they can do something meaningful to affect serious democracy technology, so the NewGov Foundation commissioned a short video last year to inspire retired federal employees around DC (ExFeds) to see they might be useful online. It’s applicable to retired Expats:

Not us, Not yet. There’s still music in us. pioneered Software as a Service (SaaS) which became known as “the Cloud". GEOvoter pioneers Influence as a Service (IaaS). Verified Constituent onboarding can start as a natural next-day followup with a new Democrats Abroad registrant, in the form of an automated, personal invitation from a DA officer or the volunteer who registered them, using a DA-branded app:

“Good news! Your voting address in Somerville, NJ gives you a LOT of power to help Stephen Colbert and John Oliver in their battle to save the Internet, so you’re kind of a big deal: Less than 1% of Americans have the power you have to save the Internet from big cable companies. Certify now as a Verified Voter, a free upgrade. Just click-to-Tweet so everybody knows how much you matter.”
  Screenshot 2018-08-26 14.19.36

Net Neutrality advocates like Netflix’ legislative affairs shop and John Oliver's people2 will be thrilled that a dedicated app is validating, organizing & activating constituents of the House Subcommittee for Communications & Technology. That's why they will want to re-tweet the important announcement from this newly consequential Verified Constituent, who has no idea that important people in Los Gatos, NY and DC have been waiting for her.

For each of the 41 top-level Congressional Committees, GEOvoter has identified the influencers and celebrities most motivated to celebrate their new partner, a Verified Constituent, for she has a designation more consequential than their precious, prestigious Verified Twitter account, which gives them zero power over Congressional Committees' legislation.

Verified Constituents receive the best user benefit, Celebrity as a Service.

How it works:

A canned script can leverage the Twitter and Facebook APIs to compose targeted social media, and emails for lakesiders, sent to their friends back home. The click-to-Tweet service for a retiree with a Little Rock address looks like this: 

Screenshot 2018-08-26 14.20.02

Another script can trigger a notification cascade that includes a press release to the local paper and place the hash-tagged Tweet on the politician’s map at Political experts know that viral social media activity on a publicly viewable election map is the best way to get a politician’s attention.  From the 2014 pilot project:

  Screenshot 2018-08-26 14.20.18

GEOvoter includes jurisdiction maps for 6,872 state house districts1, so it’s ready to support the state-level Popular Vote America Electoral College reformation project.


  1. 1️⃣ The GEOvoter API has mapped 51,331 US jurisdictions & legislators:
  •        50 State Governors
  •      100 U.S. Senators
  •      435 Congressional Districts
  •   2,030 State Senate (Upper) Districts
  •   4,842 State House (Lower) Districts
  •   3,138 Counties
  • 29,267 Cities
  •      554 City council districts (wards) in 37 major cities
  • 10,915 Unified school districts
  1. 2️⃣ Issue champions' will be delighted,

                     Finally! An app that validates, activates and organizes the constituents of Congressional committees!

    John Oliver’s site functioned similarly to the GEOvoter API to help viewers support Net Neutrality at, exactly as GEOvoter helps voters motivate their reps. By routing around FCC’s intentionally obscure comments process, Oliver’s shortcut made it so easy that Oliver’s viewers crashed with 1 million+ hits, so they lied  about it. The last 4 minutes of Oliver's FCC segment is a hilarious master class on the mechanics of crowdsourcing policy.

  2. 3️⃣ The Mexicans-first TLC project has a similar, compelling value proposition:
  • Hi, I’m Miguel Serrano. 
  • I know how Americans can compel Congress to pass a rational immigration law. 
  • It’s like picking strawberries. Americans won’t fix immigration so we have to.
Of course, we need a world-class development team to do this work. The amazing Lepe brothers’ is ours, a category-leading outsourcing web development firm based in Guadalajara and San Francisco. Here’s how a migrant couple can boost their kids over the biggest finish line on earth:
  Screenshot 2018-08-26 14.37.39